Monument "Hugo Chavez"

Monument "Hugo Chavez"

Sergey Kazantsev
600х180х150 cm
Granite, bronze

"For the glorious son of the Venezuelan people, the Supreme Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías on the anniversary of his birthday on July 28, 2016. On the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the oil company “Rosneft”, President Igor Sechin, the sculptor S. Kazantsev", - written on the granite plate near the monument

The grandiose monument "Hugo Chavez" created by the Russian sculptor S. Kazantsev was opened in October 2016 on the main square in the city of Sabaneta in Venezuela. Work on the monument was held in the studio of the sculptor in the Moscow region. 20 ton block of granite was brought from Karelia.

The monument was transported to South America by sea. In June 2016 the monument was placed in its place. While sculptor prepared the monument for the opening, many citizens
sincerely thanked him for the beauty that he created to their city.

The monument consists of three parts: a granite pedestal with the image of Venezuelan children - athletes and musicians, a bronze figure of a young Chavez with a book of knowledge and a three-meter-high bronze figure of President Chavez leaning on the State Emblem.

Address: South America, Venezuela, the city of Sabaneta

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