Memorial in Sestroretsk City, Russia

Memorial in Sestroretsk City, Russia

Sergey Kazantsev
2015, 2019
Block "Trinity, Apostles" 220x312 cm, stele "Trinity" height. 250 cm.
Gabor granite, raspberry quartzite


For the decoration of the family burial sculptor created the "Trinity" stele, a tombstone with the image of the Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev, Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul. For framing the site, gabor granite and crimson quartzite were used. A forged gate was made according to the author's sketches. The total area of the memorial is 8 by 6 meters.

Work on the family burial began in 2014. Relatives provided a family black/white photograph, with which the sculptor began to work. The trinity in the photograph looks more than classic - a father, a mother, and between them a child standing on a stool. This composition became the basis for the image of the future stele. Thanks to the skillful cutting of gabor granite, the relief depicting the family stands out clearly in the polished frame, the wings of angels are a symbol of holiness and sorrow for the departed. The back side is decorated with a relief depicting Our Lady of Hodegetria. The first part of the memorial with a stele was installed in 2015.

The decoration was completed in 2019 with the installation of an artistic composition - a copy of the greatest masterpiece of Russian art "Trinity" by Andrei Rublev with the upcoming Apostles Peter and Paul in a granite block 220 cm high and 312 cm wide. Andrei Rublev's Trinity is considered the highest embodiment of the spiritual ideals of Christianity. The sculptor Sergey Kazantsev received spiritual guidance during his work on the composition in conversations with Old monk Ilij, the confessor of Patriarch Kirill.

Rublev's “Holy Trinity” on the tombstone and the “Trinity” family depicted on the stele reinforce each other, emphasizing unity, family continuity, and the connection of the clan - past, present and future.

Russia, Leningrad region., Sestroretskoe cemetery

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