Composition "The Soul"

Composition "The Soul"

Sergey Kazantsev
400х140х350 cm
Bronze, gilding, granite, marble

Soul. This work is technologically complex, consists of a marble and granite stand and a cast bronze image with gilding. Composition is look like a fire, fire as a light. Inside the light is a visible contour of the Blessed Virgin – “sacred soul”, as a personification of Russian cultural wealth.

At first the sculptor performed work for himself in gypsum. Then he received an order for the production of work in bronze for the cottage estate "Millennium", suggested gilding, performed stand from granite and marble. A copy of the work in concrete, painted in red and black, stands on the territory of the sculptor's park.

Address: Russia, Moscow region, Istra district, the cottage estate "Millennium", near the entrance to the village

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