Composition "Muse and Creator"

Composition "Muse and Creator"

Sergey Kazantsev
Height 4 meters
Carrara Marble

Work began on a private order. Portraits of customers were created in 2010, the working models of the compositions “Muse and Creator” were completed in 2013-2014. Marble blocks were bought by the customer in Italy in Carrara in 2012-2013. Each unit weighs approximately 20 tons, the price per unit is 70 thousand euros. A concrete platform on the territory of the sculpture park was specially poured, marble slabs were installed on it, and a pavilion was built around it.

Carrara marble is a marble mined in the Apuan Alps in Carrara, Italy. The best white marble in the world is mined in this deposit, where Michelangelo selected and bought marble for his masterpieces. Where some scenes from the movie "Agent 007 - Quantum of Consolation" were filmed. The main feature of this marble is uniformity, i.e. the patches of non-white colors are minimal, which is especially valuable in sculpture. No need to worry that the dark spot may be in the wrong place in sculpture. This marble transmits light very well, so Michelangelo wrote that he first looked at the stone against the light, saw the outlines of his future work, and only then began to work. Near the career, there is a school “Nicoli”, where the masters study the marble processing, in the summer there are symposia. It is noteworthy that large-scale development of mine lead to a severe deformation of the historical landscape of Italy. Therefore, the authorities are obliged to conduct work only inside the rocks and do not destroy the landscape.

According to the memoirs of the sculptor S. Kazantsev:

“Spirituality in these works exist. There is archangels wings. Spirituality, poetic idea, transformation of the world. My customers create space, residential settlements, are engaged in the transformation of our reality. Images of people with spiritual needs who makes expanse transformations are embodied in this stone.

For me, as a sculptor, this work has great importance. Any sculptor can only dream of such work. Because it requires large financial expenditures, so you need to have the opportunity of financing and this is a great success, and so, everyone would love to do such things. It is also a step as a master. At first a person makes small work, then a little bigger, then he starts to be interested to show how stone mass works. This is the way of becoming an artist, the way of becoming a creator. I have done this work, I can assume that my master path was complete, I was able to do everything”.

Sculptor S.Kazantsev Gallery, Moscow Region, Borzye, Central Street, 65

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