Composition "Prometheus"

Composition "Prometheus"

Sergey Kazantsev
320х100х100 cm
Greek marble,
Ural marble

One copy from the Greek marble is placed in the Main office of the company "Gazprom" on Nametkin st. in Moscow. A copy from the Ural marble embellishes the interiors of the sanatorium "Morozovka"

Vice-president of "Gazprom" company Y.Goryainov saw the works of the sculptor S. Kazantsev at the exhibition in the sanatorium "Soyuz" in 1993-1994. The works were exhibited in the interiors of the buildings and in the park of the sanatorium. Y.Goryainov became acquainted with the author. After a while, he proposed to create the figure from the Greek mythology - Prometheus.

At first, sculptor S.Kazantsev made work from the Urals marble and the sculpture was placed in the Main office of the company. Next, it was decided to move the work to the boarding house "Morozovka". And especially for the Main office of the company Gazprom the sculptor made a copy from the Greek marble. That stone was taken from the marble-mine where the stones were mined for the Parthenon in ancient time. The sculptor personally chose the stone in the Parthenon marble-mine for that work.

A miniature marble copy of the work in height of 110 cm (110х40х40 cm) was presented to the president of the company "Gazprom" R.Vyakhirev.

«Composition "Prometheus" is one of the biggest and most important in my life, the marble block I chose by myself in a mine in Greece. For the first time in my life, I was paid as much as my work costs and I was able to complete the construction of the gallery building in Borzie village in Moscow region», - recollected sculptor S.Kazantsev

1. Russia, Moscow, Nametkina st., 16, hall of the Main office of Company "Gazprom"
2. Russia, Moscow region, Solnechnogorskiy rayon, g.p. Mendeleyevo, d. L'yalovo, Filial PAO "Gazprom" Pansionat "Morozovka"

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