Victory Park, Sheksna City, Vologda District, Russia

Victory Park, Sheksna City, Vologda District, Russia

Sergey Kazantsev
Concrete, artificial stone

The memorial complex was created for the 40th anniversary of the Victory Day in Sheksna City in the Victory Park, where were buried the Soviet soldiers, died in hospitals. During the war in Sheksna City were 2 evacuation hospitals: one in Nikolsky – №3736, the other in Sheksna North – №1327.

In memory of the dead in the center of the park stands the majestic 6-meter sculpture of the Motherland of the artist S. Kazantsev, right there, from the side of the main staircase leading to the Ugra River, on both sides – the Alley of Heroes.

«This was my first monumental work, which continues the traditions of the Soviet memorial complex and is performed according to classical examples. Motherland with reliefs depicting the events of the war years. And portraits of heroes, called from the territory of the Sheksna district during the Second World War. Artificial stone is organically fit into the memorial park on the bank of the river Ugra. The memorial was made at the initiative of the head of the district Cherezov Valery Polikarpovich», – told sculptor S. Kazantsev

The Memorial Complex is on the list of Memorial Places of the Sheksna District
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Celebration of the Victory Day in Sheksna in 2016
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Address: Russia, Vologda Region, Sheksna District, Sheksna City, Park Pobedy

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