Reviews of enthusiastic viewers

Reviews of enthusiastic viewers
Deputy G.O. Istra and the head of tourism development visiting S. Kazantsev

Deputy of the Council of Deputies Istra Rozova Larisa Valerievna and the head of the direction of development of culture and tourism of the Administration of the city Istra Vatolkina Antonina Mikhailovna visited the park of Sergey Kazantsev to discuss the prospects for cooperation. Their feedback on the meeting on social media:

“On March 16, in search of a platform for a round table on rural tourism, Antonina Mikhailovna Vatolkina and I visited the park and the gallery of modern marble sculptures by the People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the Academy of Arts Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev. The gallery and the park are located in the village of Borzye of the territorial department of Pavlovskaya Sloboda. The master's assistants, his daughters Maria and Elena Kazantsevs, gave us a tour of the park. The works of S.S. Kazantsev are beautiful, plastic, original. At present, he is the only virtuoso of marble sculpture in Russia.

At present, he is the only virtuoso of marble sculpture in Russia. His works of art can be safely compared with the creations of the masters of the Italian Renaissance.
After walking in the open air, I looked into the creative workshop and exhibition hall of the sculptor. They did not remain indifferent to the process of the birth of sculpture. This is a huge titanic work: from the idea in the drawing, a plastic or plaster figure in an intermediate stage completes the process - a sculpture made of marble, a real work of art. What precision in creating small details, keeping proportions. 

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