Reviews of students of the art studio

Reviews of students of the art studio
Local residents and young artists visiting the sculptor

Pupils of the art studio KDK Pavlovskaya Sloboda, residents of the village Borzye, and simply admirers of the work of the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev visited the park and the artist's gallery in the Istra district. Feedback from participants:

“I, Evdokia, live in the village of Borzye. I walked around this area when I was about six years old, but I never saw the sculptures live. But today I had the opportunity to see the creator at work. I liked all the sculptures. But especially the sculptures "Seasons - Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer". They are depicted as women, very beautiful. I will tell you how the sculpture "Winter" appeared. The sculptor traveled to many countries and was asked: "Where did you come from?" He answered: "From Russia." And immediately foreigners began to imagine a cold, merciless winter. And when the sculptor came home, he depicted winter in a completely different way from how foreigners imagine it. He portrayed her as a beautiful woman in a transparent veil. All facial and body features are made with great love. I am very glad that I came here)) ", - Evdokia, 13 years old

“The sculptor is great! He is inspired by nature, human beauty. He is fond of, judging by the sculptures, mythology. In his works, you can see anything you want. He made many abstract works. We were taken throughout the huge park. Whole stories of their creation were told about many sculptures. Then we were taken to the gallery. There the guide introduced us to the author. We are incredibly lucky! At the end of the tour, we could ask questions. During the whole excursion we saw the creativity, the inner world of the author. We learned the stages of creating a sculpture. I liked it very much ", - Sergey, 13 years old

“I live in a nearby village and did not know that a sculptor lived so close. Having been here, I saw many beautiful creations and I really liked it! I especially remember the sculptures "Hand", "Mumu" and much more. For the first time I learned exactly what stages a sculpture goes through before becoming marble, bronze, etc. I am very pleased with the trip and am grateful to S.S. Kazantsev for his sculptures. Thank you for creating this park! I hope that one day I will be here again ", - Nadezhda, 14 years old

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