Reviews of tourists from Moscow

Reviews of tourists from Moscow
Sincere delight and heartfelt gratitude for creativity

On June 2, 2018, a group of tourists from Moscow visited the sculptor's gallery and park in the village of Borzye. Their sincere reviews:

"Many thanks for the wonderful creations, for creativity, for the great work. Beauty saved, saves and will save our world. We wish Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev creative longevity, health, the embodiment of everything conceived. With admiration and gratitude", - the Matveyev family, Moscow "

"I really liked the sculptures and their author. I was lucky to meet him. He gave me advice on how to make sculptures. He is a very good person", - Kolya, 10 years old

“Sergey Kazantsev has a very interesting collection of sculptures. All the figures are alive, as if they will immediately begin to move, warm,created with love. One can feel the hand of the master in everything and the passion for his work. We visited the sculpture park on June 2, 2018 with a group of friends. Thank you for a great time in touching the wonderful art of marble coming to life ", - Alla 

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