Reviews of schoolchildren

Reviews of schoolchildren
It's great that children from a neighboring village have the opportunity to visit the park

On January 16, 2020, a group of schoolchildren visited at the Park of the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev.Young explorers were met with the sculptor's daughters - Elena and Maria. They walked through the park, solved riddles, showed curiosity, and ingenuity.

It turned out that the monuments "Istra" and "Saint Marin" were installed not only in Istra, but also in the city of Bad Orb in Germany. And on behalf of V.V. Putin's sculptor, S.S. Kazantsev created a monument to Hugo Chavez for South America. The schoolchildren learned how and from what sculptures are made, and why Sergey Sergeyevich keeps goats.

Taisiya O. (9 years old): “Hello! My name is Taisiya. I live in the village of Anosino. I like to sculpt, paint, dance and sing. I liked the sculpture: Hand cut with a ruble. At school, I sculpted sculptures from plasticine, like Sergey Kazantsev. I want to come here for an excursion with the whole family! And when I grow up, I will take my family here. "

Maria K. (9 years old): “I want to become a sculptor and I am 9 years old. I came from Pavlovskaya Sloboda. I have cats, and you have cute goats! I adore you all! "

Vasilisa N. (9 years old): “I liked the sculpture by A.S. Pushkin. It is made first of special plasticine, then it is filled with plaster, then we remove the plaster from the sketch and fill it with plaster. I want to see Sergey Kazantsev. And I also liked the sculpture of a goat, it is very beautiful and cute. I will come next time and hope a new sculpture will appear. And I also liked the hand-cut by the ruble, and I also want to meet with Putin. "

The team of the S. Kazantsev Sculpture Park thanks to the head of the group, Natalya Yurievna, who initiated today's event. Come again! We are waiting for everyone to visit the House of Sculptor in the village of Borzye. It's cozy here

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