Reviews of schoolchildren from Pavlovskaya Sloboda

Reviews of schoolchildren from Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Beloved guys from the intellectual club "April"

Our guest was the "April" club led by Veronika Borisovna Maslova. The meeting was very emotional. The schoolchildren were greeted by the sculptor's daughter Elena and took a tour of the park, after tea-drinking, the schoolchildren sang to the guitar, greatly surprising the owners of the house that the old good traditions are very much to the liking of young children, it's very cool! Well done! Guys reviews:

“I really liked our excursion. I learned a lot of new things. I will never forget this day. Especially the sculpture "Olga Ruda". When I looked at her, I felt a slight light of goodness. Thank you very much for such a wonderful day! " - Alisova, 6 G

“Today I met the sculptor S.S. Kazantsev. Thanks to him for an amazing day with us! I liked all the sculptures, each of the sculptures impressed me with its power or airy lightness, but most of all I liked the sculpture Trinity (Trinity of Rublev) with its musical fingers and toes, as well as graceful similarity ", - Valeria K., 13 years old

“Dear Sergey Sergeevich! I was very impressed and really liked your wonderful exhibition of works. The faces of the sculptures shine with nobility and beauty. Keep bringing such wonderful and amazing works of art to the world. I am very glad that I live nearby (literally your neighbor), when I go to school, I admire your work and feel positive, I am overwhelmed with wonderful emotions! When I go home, seeing your work, I relax and forget about all the bad things! Thank you for your wonderful, lively, talking, and singing about wonderful work! ", - Anna M., schoolgirl

“Thank you very much for the time spent together. I'm very glad to see your magnificent sculptures! In the future, I will become an artist, and then a sculptor! It is thanks to you that I was able to plunge into the world of beauty! ”- Vladislav R., schoolboy

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