Reviews from schoolchildren of the village of Pokrovskoe

Reviews from schoolchildren of the village of Pokrovskoe
A rich program with quiz and clay modeling

On November 4, 2014, schoolchildren from the Pokrovskaya secondary school of the Istra district, together with their class teacher and parents, were visiting the sculptor Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev. The excursion program, prepared by Elena Kazantseva, included a tour of the sculpture park and gallery, a sculpture master class, 100 questions for an adult, and a tea party. The children learned how a sculptor works, what a difficult and interesting profession it is. Sunny weather cheered up and facilitated the viewing of the wonderful exhibition.
Sunny weather cheered up and facilitated the viewing of the wonderful exhibition. At the master class, the guys gave free rein to their imagination, they sculpted from special sculptural plasticine, which was quite difficult, but everyone coped with this task perfectly, surprising adults with their works. The questions addressed to the sculptor concerned creativity, inspiration, ideas, and their implementation. This meeting helped children and adults to see with their own eyes how an idea is born, how stones turn into works of art.

Feedback from schoolchildren:
    “Visiting the sculptor. My friends were with me. Today we have learned a lot about the world of sculpture! I am glad that I had such an unusual morning today! Thank you very much, Sergey Sergeevich, for this day! I am glad that I met your family! ”- Aziza, schoolgirl

“I liked it very much, very cool. At first, I didn't feel like going. I thought it would be boredom. Everything was negative. I didn’t know that art is hard work. I would even invite all my friends, "- M. Adis, schoolboy

“I enjoyed this excursion. This is where inspiration comes in. I saw goats, chickens, and roosters here. They were beautiful and funny, especially goats, there were two white and one black, very beautiful and he had beautiful black horns. I saw a beautiful sculpture, it was made of marble and there was a hole inside, for me personally it looked like a portal. It was amazing !!! ”- Isabella, schoolgirl

“I was expecting to see the sculptor himself and I saw. I liked the trip to the sculptor in Borzye village! I have never seen how sculptors and their assistants work, but I saw it and I am very happy about that. Usually, on holidays or weekends, you don't want to go anywhere, but for the sake of such a trip you can get up at least every day. In the village of Borzye, the sculptor told us a lot of interesting things to the whole class ", - Valeria, schoolgirl

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