Reviews of the club "April"

Reviews of the club "April"
School-children of club “April” visiting the sculptor S. Kazantsev

The club "April" of Pavlo-Slobodskoy school №1, which we are dearly loved, has visited us again!  We present to your attention several reviews

“I really liked this place ... There are many beautiful and different sculptures, unusual, there is snow all around, because it is winter now. All sculptures are covered with large caps. After a wonderful walk, we entered a very unusual house of yellow-green color, unusual shape with unusual windows. In front of the main entrance there are columns and a sculpture "Europe". The house is full of sculptures, warm, light and cozy. Woods crackle in the fireplace, water gurgles. We are sitting in a wonderful room with a ceiling like the universe. “Aprelevtsy” are sitting around, people very dear to me. A green tablecloth was laid especially for our arrival =). Musya the cat is walking around. It's very warm and cozy here! "- Vasilisa, 8 B

“I wish the park to grow, for you to please us with new and new masterpieces, because I do not know many such people, devoted to their work, putting their soul into everyone learned about talent and prosperity ... ", - the author remained unknown
“I liked the manor very much. The sculptures are very, very beautiful. But not only that, some of them have a deep meaning. I also liked the sculptor Sergei Sergeevich Kazantsev. He gave very original answers to our questions ", - Sergey, 7 A

“Dear Sergey Sergeevich, I, in the person of all the school-children who visited your wonderful house, your wonderful gallery today, thank you! I hope to visit here more than once, because your collection of sculptures is growing every day, every month and year, and I can learn a lot more interesting things, because I love and am interested in art and sculpture. Perhaps, in a few years, it will be me who will present your work in front of the same guys as we are now. Every year we have a conference at our school where children present some works of art. After visiting your gallery "Harmony" I decided to present exactly your work ", - Irina, 9 A

"Dear Elena! I really liked how you described each exhibit in detail. Most of all I liked "Europe", and I also liked "Sergius of Radonezh!" You, Sergei Sergeevich, are a great sculptor ", - Sergei, 4 A

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