Reviews of tourists from the North

Reviews of tourists from the North
People from Karelia come to see the sculpture park of Sergey Kazantsev!

A very homely tour of the park and gallery took place on Friday. And the story was as follows, Galina and Ilya met Sergey Kazantsev on the train when he was traveling to buy Karelian granite for the monument to Hugo Chavez. On the way, the sculptor told everything about the park, about the stone, about the family, about the goats. The fellow travelers were so interested in everything they heard that when they got to Dedovsk to see their comrades, they did not miss the opportunity to call and arrange a meeting!

"We met an interesting person on the Moscow-Murmansk train in 2014, Kazantsev Sergey Sergeevich. We dreamed of visiting his sculpture park for a long time, and this happened. It was an unforgettable evening. We liked the excursion. We were impressed and delighted with the scale of this creative person. Do not be lazy and be sure to visit this sculpture park. We were here accompanied by a guide who is in love with their common family business! We want to return, show, and tell our children and friends. We wish your dream to come true and delight people ", - Galina and Ilya (Petrozavodsk), Elena and Alexander (Dedovsk), and an inquisitive child Mark (Dedovsk).

Thank you for your interest in our work! Thank you for the delicate cake from Dedovsk and delicious chocolates from Karelia. We are always looking forward to visiting the Sculptor's House!

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