Review of enthusiastic guests

Review of enthusiastic guests
Highly appreciated by a person who is an expert on significant places in the Moscow region

Friends, truly Sergey Kazantsev's sculpture park attracts incredible people! Today a couple dropped by chance, he is a candidate of technical sciences, she is a former medical worker. Very open, inquisitive people, they left reviews that warm our souls!

“My name is Vladimir Matveyevich Sokolov, I am a candidate of technical sciences, since 2001 a pensioner. In 2003, I accepted the obedience to visit all places in the Moscow region where there are (or were) man-made sights. At first, it seemed to me that there would be no more than 3 hundred of them, well, a maximum of a thousand. After 10 years of active search and study, I was able to visit and photograph about 10 thousand artifacts, but that's not all. Over the years I have seen several works by Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev - in Babkino, in Istra - but I did not know who their author was.

And only at the beginning of 2019 I had a chance to get acquainted with many of the sculptor's works. First of all, the devotion of Sergey Sergeevich and his assistants and assistants to their profession makes an impression. These are truly happy people who have been doing what they love all their lives, getting great pleasure from it. The initiative to create a sculpture gallery on its plot of land, open to everyone, seems incredible. What is it? - altruism or optimism not killed by time, some kind of faith in people? This remains a mystery. April 24, 2019, Borzye village"

“My husband and I came to see wonderful, talented people, to the sculptor S.S. Kazantsev and his daughter Elena. Everything that has been done by the talented hands of Sergey Sergeevich admires. I am amazed that all the works are realistic, immediately recognizable are the sculptures of Sergius of Radonezh, the Monk Seraphim, Peresvet, Bogolyubsky. The female sculptures are perfect, the proportions are amazing, the beauty is extraordinary. Sculptures surrounded by trees and fruits. Animals are wonderful, it seems they are about to "move". Columns admire their beauty, which first of all attracts attention. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your talent, we have delighted our hearts, warmth to the soul, and wonderful impressions on our eyes. God help you, Guardian Angel, best wishes, most importantly - mighty health. 04/24/2019 Yours faithfully to your talent, Pankratova Tamira Sergeevna. A pensioner, a former medical worker. "

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