Feedback from a professional guide

Feedback from a professional guide
They called, made an appointment, arrived, admired, wrote a revie

It's great that the park attracts very interesting and versatile people! Julia is a professional tour guide with a wealth of knowledge about the most interesting places. A very informative tourist route can be organized under her careful guidance! She accidentally found out about us and immediately came with her young pupils! After visiting Julia made a series of very interesting publications, one even with a quiz element. We liked Julia's approach, it is very easy to give information in short messages with rich illustrations. Thank you for your selfless service to the muse of knowledge and enlightenment. Here are fragments of her publications:

“There is a poultry yard in the sculpture park of the People's Artist of Russia Sergey Kazantsev with an area of 2 hectares: geese, chickens, ducks, goats walk among the sculptures freely and happily. The youngest daughter of Sergei Sergeevich - Elena took us on a tour of the park and in the workshop. Elena is an amazing person, she knows not only how to milk a goat, grow a vegetable garden, make kvass from birch sap, but also moves marble sculptures weighing 3 tons.

Sergey Sergeevich works with white Carrara marble, which is considered one of the most valuable types of marble in the world... Many Italian architects and sculptors have worked with Carrara marble. Michelangelo personally chose the blocks for his works, his "David" was carved from Carrara marble.

The owner of the gallery and the park was waiting for us in the studio. There was no limit to my delight from a personal meeting with the "virtuoso of marble sculpture". Sergey Sergeevich sculpted a bust of Tolstoy in clay. I got an autograph.

Sergey Kazantsev is the author of the only bronze monument in Moscow to I.S.Turgenev. The monument was installed on a pedestal made of crimson quartzite for the opening after the restoration of the writer's house-museum on November 10, 2018 ”.

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By the way, the park of Sergey Kazantsev is now also indicated on Yulia's website in the Gardens and Parks section
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