Feedback from the first excursionists in 2020

Feedback from the first excursionists in 2020
It is nice to see proactive and active people in the park, suffering from knowledge.

The New Year has begun in the sculpture park of Sergey Kazantsev with a guided tour! On January 2, the group of people called us and asked to conduct an excursion for a group of people who at that moment were moving from Dmitrov region to the exhibition of Marc Chagall in the New Jerusalem Museum. We welcomed curious travelers with great joy!

Review of the head of the group: “I express my deep gratitude to Elena Kazantseva for an extremely interesting excursion around the park-museum of Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev! For a long time, I have not experienced such vivid feelings, delight, and happiness as in childhood. To be honest, I discovered the possibility of visiting this wonderful place quite by accident! There were plans to visit the New Jerusalem Monastery, but I also wanted to show my friends the complex of the Institute of High Energy (Marx's transformer, Tesla Coils).

And quite by accident, while searching the Internet for “interesting places nearby”, I came across a note on the website about S. Kazantsev's park. I decided that it would be more interesting and constructive. I am very glad that we have come exactly here! "- Igor S., Dmitrov, technical and medical education

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