Review from the greatheart Camila

Review from the great heart Camila
The soul rejoices when such people come to the park!

We were very lucky that one of our excursions was attended by a teacher of the highest category of the Moscow School No. 439 "Intellect", a graduate of one of the most difficult universities in the country, MSTU. N.E. Bauman, a specialist in the direction of "Machines and technology of foundry" Kamila Khalikova. Kamila Kasimovna high professionalism and broad open soul, her delight from what she saw are clear in her review:

“Today I visited the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev. To begin with, it is always very interesting for me to see the life and work environment of creative people, so when I manage to visit the houses of artists, poets, and writers with an excursion, I get a lot of impressions from the breadth of my soul and the flight of thought in which creators live. So it was this time when quite by accident we came to visit the sculptor.

There were children in the group who were allowed to touch the beauty in the literal sense, our wonderful guide Elena Kazantseva, the sculptor's daughter, allowed to touch some of the works, and after the excursion, the children were given pieces of clay, with which they enthusiastically tinkered under the supervision of Sergey Seregeevich himself. Despite the snowy winter weather, we were shown the most hidden corners of the sculpture park: a pavilion in which the master creates works of Carrara marble, a corner with copies of sculptures installed in the Istra region and local residents: cats, geese, ducks, chickens, and goats.

The sculptor's workshop is an amazingly light, spacious place filled with air and the artist's thought; the gallery in which the workshop is located was built by the sculptor himself, using huge stones in the foundation in a completely innovative way for his time. In the gallery we even found Sergey Sergeevich himself creating a new masterpiece. Elena showed us in photographs of those works, models of which are not in the workshop. The scale of the artist's creative flight is impressive: sculptures - amazing human figures like Eve, seasons, monuments to Turgenev, animal figures, symbols: Trinity, soul, hand, are combined with incredible paintings by Sergey Sergeevich, who, according to Elena's story, was able to paint a portrait of his future wife in 10 minutes, so impressive is the artist's skill. I would like to express my deep gratitude for the invitation, excursion, hospitality, and immersion in the world of art! "

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