Feedback from those who are not indifferent

Feedback from those who are not indifferent
Support from caring connoisseurs

In response to our publication that Sergey Sergeevich met with the head of Mr. Istra, received a very bright response from our supporters.
The news was as follows: on July 30, 2019, sculptor Sergey Kazantsev met with the Head of Mr. Istra by Andrey Vikharev. From the publication on the page of the Head of Mr. Istra on Instagram:

"... Also today, a well-known sculptor, People's Artist of Russia S. S. Kazantsev came to the reception. In the village of Borzye, Istra District, there is his unic private park of modern sculpture in the Moscow region. Sergey Sergeevich asked to assign the park the status of a cultural heritage site. The head reported that is impossible to do. He instructed the supervising deputy to find methods to solve the current situation. And, soon, at the invitation of Sergey Kazantsev, he will visit the master's workshop for a more detailed dialogue ... "

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