Greyhounds in the Borzoi village

Greyhounds in the Borzoi village
Young, educated, passionate about life, the guys turned to us for a reason

In the village of Borzye, Istra district, where the sculptor Kazantsev settled, during the reign of Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov, greyhounds were raised for the royal court. Thanks to this historical fact, the name of the famous hunting breed stuck to the village (greyhounds in Russian sounds as «borzie sobaki»).

The sculptor's family always dreamed that someday they would have a greyhound to complete the picture of the sculpture park in Borzye. And what a miracle! Last weekend, two gorgeous purebred handsome dogs showed up at random, with the owners, of course.

Guided by the name of the settlement, the very popular @russianborzoi Instagram turned up in the village. The guys were delighted with the hospitality of an unfamiliar village, talked to Sergeiy Kazantsev, promised to return in the summer for filming. They also left wonderful publications in their group, congratulated the maestro on his birthday:

“Today the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev is celebrating his birthday. A sculptor who creates, conveys feelings and his soul to marble, revitalizing it ... This is real hard work and at the same time a grteat talent, and we should appreciate such people and their 

Happy to meet @russianborzoi ! We are looking forward to coming again!


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