Sergey Kazantsev's Gallery and Park in the Moscow region

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The Gallery and the Park of the exquisite sculptchures © Sergey Kazantsev in the Moscow region

The park was established in 1991

The construction of the gallery dates from 1993-1998

Initiated with private funds of Sergey Kazantsev

25 km from Moscow on the banks of the Istra River

Everything begins with a dream

All his life the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev dreamed of creating a personal park and gallery. At last in 1991, from the Istra district athorities, Sergey got 50 hectares of land on a scenic hillock near a forest situated 200 meters near the Istra River.

The construction of the gallery was started in late 1993 and was completed in five years. The gallery structure bears a resemblance to a temple. The gallery basement is constructed with huge boulders. A free-standing column similar to ancient Greek colonnades marks the boundaries of the park.

As a result of titanic artiste work, by 2020 the territory of the park has expanded to two hectares! The modern collection includes more than 300 monuments of marble, granite, and artificial stone. Entrance to the park is free, excursions, and art lessons are carried out by the sculptor's daughters – Maria and Elena.

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