Sergey Kazantsev's Gallery and Park in the Moscow region

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Visiting the Sculptor’s House

Enlightenment is one of the most important tasks of the visual arts. In the last 30 years of his creative career, the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev devoted to creating a sculpture park and exhibition gallery in the Moscow region. In the open-air amid green flora, the perception of marble sculpture is especially strong.


During the excursions, the artist’s assistants help the visitors to learn all the complexities of creating sculptures, learn more about the work of Kazantsev and describe the characters he embodied in stones. Meetings are held as energetically as possible with jokes and serious facts. The dwellers in the park (goats, geese, ducks, and cats) make everyone excited. After a sightseeing tour, guests are invited to tea. In spring, one can taste birch sap, and in the fall, branded apple compote. Visitors can sculpt from clay, write reviews and comments in the record book and can ask questions personally from the sculptor.

Many prominent figures speak of the benefits of art. A neurologist Dr. Tatyana Chernigovskaya notes the need for contemplation of fine art to train the brain. Businessmen and economists, such as Irina Hakamada, Garrett Johnson, say that with such a rapidly developing world, the future will be for those who can adapt to new conditions as quickly as possible, come up with innovative solutions to new problems. And they consider one of the best methods of training the imagination to contemplate "quality" fine art and engage in some kind of creative craft. In general, only one benefit awaits you from visiting the Sculptor's House.

Note! Not a single guest did not remain indifferent. Even the most restrained persons hardly hide their delight. And every review written is already inscribed in the visitor's history book of the park.

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