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Sergey S. Kazantsev

Leader, sculptor, National artist of Russia,  Laureate of the Art Academy Award.

Maria S. Kazantseva

The artist, sculptor’s eldest daughter

Elena S. Kazantseva

Administrator, sculptor’s youngest daughter


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+7 (916) 368-14-55

Workshop and gallery address:

Russia, Moscow region, Istra district, Borzye village


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Moscow Studio

119017, Russian Federation, Moscow, Lavrushensky per. 17/5, str, 4,
kv. pom. 1.
55.74174028 37.62229344

Sculptor Kazantsev’s Park and Gallery

143591, Moscow region, Istra district, Borzye der., ul. Tsentral'naya, d.65
55.82917921 37.05124676

For any questions, please contact!:

+7 (916) 368-14-55

Sergei Kazantsev


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