Portrait "Hugo Chavez"

Portrait "Hugo Chavez"

Sergey Kazantsev
Height 50 cm

Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias is the brightest representative of the outgoing era. He was a Venezuelan revolutionary, statesman and politician.

“Hugo Chavez is one of the few rulers in the modern history of Latin America who challenged the United States in the spheres of foreign and domestic policy and managed to retain power, relying on the support of the people,” - Irina Gantimurova. Hugo Chavez believed that education and sports should be a priority, so he opened general education, music and sports schools, in which education was free.
The sculptor Kazantsev made a series of bronze portraits of the Comandante. The portraits were donated by Russia to the people of Venezuela.

1. The official residence of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela aka the People's House - the Miraflores Palace (Palacio de Miraflores)

2. Ciudad Tiuna, Caracas, Federal District, Venezuela

3. Rosneft office on the embankment, Sofiyskaya emb., 26/1, Moscow

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