Figure "Patron Savva Morozov"

Figure "Patron Savva Morozov"

Sergey Kazantsev
Artificial stone


The sculpture to the largest Russian industrialist, philanthropist Savva Timofeevich Morozov was made in 2012 at the request of residents of the Pioneer village.  The activists of the village library, which bears the name of the philanthropist, organized a fundraiser: they raised money from the sale of the local history book "Pokrovskoe-Rubtsovo", actor and director O.P. Tabakov made his own contribution (note: S.T. Morozov was involved in the creation of the Moscow Art Theater). The proceeds were enough to pay for the materials and work of the shapers, and the sculptor donated the artistic part to the region: “I took up the order with great pleasure. The glorification of personalities who have left their mark on Russian history and culture is necessary for educating our children in the spirit of patriotism, for continuing the traditions of patronage. The history of the Morozov family is a vivid example of hard work, dedication and success, on which our youth should be brought up".

Pokrovsko-rubtsovskaya library S. T. Morozov, pos. Pionersky, st. School, d. 22

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