Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

Sergey Kazantsev
230х90х50 cm
Concrete, artificial stone


Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci

The character of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci is the brightest impression from the childhood of the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev. For the best design of a wall newspaper in 7 class grade, he was presented with a book about Leonardo Da Vinci. The book was tiny, Russian edition, about 15 by 20 cm, with five black and white illustrations. At that time, this book was of great value, rarity, and uniqueness! Against the backdrop of the post-war city of 101 km, when the bulk of the men died, and the atmosphere in the city was set by convicts staggering around, Leonardo's works became a stunning discovery! A young schoolboy learned that people, it turns out, can do these things too - create works of art.

The sacred image of the Genius ran like a red thread through Kazantsev's work. In 2003, paying tribute to the memory of the Great Creator of the Renaissance, being already a mature master, Sergey Kazantsev created a full-length sculptural portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci, holding his famous painting of "Mona Lisa". And three years later he decided to donate the monument to the city of Istra. On the City Day on June 11, 2006, the grand opening took place in front of the Children's Art School "Inspiration".

In his interview for the newspaper with Istrinskie Vesti, the sculptor said: “All over the world, the great Italian is considered the patron saint of the arts, and he is especially revered by artists. While working on the image of Leonardo, I carefully studied both his work and self-portraits, especially the famous pencil drawing, in which da Vinci portrayed himself as a very old man. It is known that he completed his earthly journey at the age of 67. This monument is my view of Leonardo. “The head of the city, Anna Nikolaevna Shcherba, commented: "This monument is a gift to the young, to those on whom we pin our hopes, to those who will continue to transform their hometown, enhance its beauty and uniqueness."

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1. Russia, Moscow region, Istra Town, “Children's Cultural and Leisure Center”
2. Russia, Moscow region, Istra district, Bozye village

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