Composition "Trinity"

Composition "Trinity"

Sergey Kazantsev
300х130х120 cm
Pashtulim marble (Altai Field, Russia)

At the beginning, small clay draft kneaded by hand of the master. It looked like an abstract composition with a ball inside. The sculptor wanted to perform this form in the stone, but what exactly he got, could not realize. During the work with marble the artist realized, that stone is turning into the silhouette of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is born.

This iconic composition was installed in front of the main entrance to the Sergey Kazantsev Gallery in the Borzye village in the Moscow region and has already become a visiting card of the sculptor's museum.

The work is made of marble from Altai mountains (Russia) on the Pashtulim deposit, so this particular stone is called Pashtulim marble, another name – seven-colored marble. Pashtulim marble has a special beauty and attraction for artists. This stone used in decoration of next places: V.Putin's cabinet in the Kremlin, the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the most beautiful stations of the Moscow Metro (“Park of Culture” and “Avtozavodskaya”), Sheremetyevo Airport.

Thoughts of sculptor Sergei Kazantsev about Pashtulim marble: «Raspberry basalt creates amazing beauty! Millions of years ago, volcanic activity melted cherry basalt into marble, creating a very beautiful drawing. Each fused color has its own individual structure and density. Therefore, it is necessary to have a very great experience, talent and intuition to work with Pushtulim stone, to fully show the beauty of the material created by the God. In Soviet times 40 people worked at the Pashtulim plant, and now only two. Unfortunately, this natural stone was displaced from the Russian market by cheap fakes from Italian and Spanish marble».

Address: Russia, Moscow region, Istra district, Borzye village

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