Park “Yubileiny”, Rossosh city, Russia

Park “Yubileiny”, Rossosh city, Russia

Sergey Kazantsev
"Russia", 220x180x140
“Don”, 90x140x60
"Birds", 90x80x90
"Earth", 120x100x100
"A Word about Igor's Regiment", 200x100x100
"Air", 90x80x90


From the memoirs of the sculptor Sergey Kazantsev:
«In Rossosh city, I performed five marble compositions with two assistants for forty days for the city park “Yubileiny”. It was one of the first part time job after the collapse of the Soviet Union and collapse of the Soviet system of government orders. I did not have work but I had to feed my family.

I lived and worked in a Guesthouse near the Don river bank. But it was necessary to sign up documents for money at a factory in 28 km. There was no transport, I did not have a car.

Everyone at the factory was sure that I would not come to sign papers for money. But I walked up in the morning and on food moved to the factory, around a lunchtime I was there. I was 45 years old that time, in 1991. Of course, I did it because I need to get money faster. I had a young wife and three children.

I worked every day with a large grinding machine from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. I remember that all the assistants fell down, but I kept working. I established also very quickly. As a rule - before you put a five-ton sculpture on the foundation, you would have to wait a week or two until the concrete hardens. But I could not wait and I welded an iron cube and filled it with concrete. I clearly knew that there was metal and the next day I put the works on it».

Address: Russia, Park "Jubilee", Rossosh city, Voronezh region

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