Monument to the dead "Kazan Mother of God"

Monument to the dead "Kazan Mother of God"

Sergey Kazantsev
Height 220 cm
Artificial stone


Monument for the mass grave "Our Lady of Kazan" near the Knyazhye Lake village the sculptor donated to the region in 1991. It is gratifying to learn that initiative groups of citizens defend and care for the memorial (YouTube video).

The image of Our Lady of Kazan is especially dear to Sergey Kazantsev. And here it is not only about the relationship of names. There is a belief in the artist's family that there were priests among his ancestors: “Archbishop of Yaroslavl and Rostov Yevgeny Kazantsev, in a painting by an unknown artist of the 1840s, is very similar to my father. Elder brother Eugene said that our grandfather was a priest, but our father carefully concealed his origin. It is quite possible that the surname could be replayed from Kazantsev to Kazansky and vice versa, for conspiracy. In the Soviet years, it was impossible to know about this. If someone knew about this at school – I would become an outcast, would not become a pioneer. From the age of 4, my mother secretly took me to services in the Temple of the Alexander Sloboda, where the Terrible Tsar Ivan himself prayed. Therefore, Orthodox plastic is especially close to me, the female image of the Lady of Kazan personifies life itself, nature, motherhood".

1. A mass grave near the village of Knyazhye Lake and the village of Pokrovskoye in the Moscow region. 
2. Vologda region, Sheksna City, Monument at the central cemetery "Those left without burial"

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