Composition "Istra"

Composition "Istra"

Sergey Kazantsev
300х140х100 cm
Artificial stone


In 2003, at the request of the administration of the Istra district, in addition to the sculpture “Saint Marine”, the sculptor made another figure - an allegory of the Istra River, which was presented with Martin as a gift to German partners and installed inside the Spa Park in Bad Orb. In 2004, another copy of the Istra sculpture was opened on Central Square near the Center for youth "Mir".

Meeting of Saint Martin and Istra
The monument "Saint Marine" was created after the request from the administration of the Istra region and then presented to the city of Bad Orb as a friendly gesture between the twin cities.
The international movement of twin cities or twin cities began during the Second World War. The first to become related in 1944 were Coventry (England) and Stalingrad (USSR). The main idea of the monument is that constant friendly ties should be established between the twin cities for mutual acquaintance with life, history, and culture, to achieve better mutual understanding, strengthen cooperation and friendship between peoples of different countries. Istra Town has six such cities, including Bad Orb.

In the city of Bad Orb, one of the most familiar and recognizable Christian saints - Martin of Tours or Martin the Merciful. Some places like the Catholic church, a school, a kindergarten, a house of mercy, and different other institutions are named after him. The emblem of the city illustrates the parable of Martin cutting off part of his cloak to cover the freezing poor man sitting on the ground. Sergey Kazantsev decided to create a similar plot strikingly and recognizably. At the time of the good deed, Martin was serving as an officer in the Roman army, so the sculptor depicted him riding a horse in military uniform along with a beggar stretching his arm to a saving piece of linen. This monument was opened on November 3, 2003, at the entrance to the Bad Orba Spa Park.
The rider on horseback was the symbol of the German city, and the beautiful girl, created by the sculptor in addition, became an allegory of the Istra River. Russian Aphrodite in Bad Orbe appeared in September 2004 and is located in the upper part of the Kurort Park.

In Russia, both monuments were publicized on City Day, June 12, 2004, near the Mir Youth Center in Istra. The sculptor came up with a very interesting composition of boulders of different sizes. The girl's figure organically floated out of these very boulders, creating a feeling of movement, the flow of the river. The area of those years was full of greenery, tall birches, which created additional comfort and harmony with nature.

Sergey Kazantsev considers the renovation of Istra main city squares as a great aesthetic breakthrough at that time. As previously, monuments were used to erected on large squares mainly to “muzhik” (meaning – “men”). And the images full of beauty, reverence for a woman's article, mother nature are not so attractive, due to the absence of a political context, and as a synonym, they are not profitable. Sergey Kazantsev dreams to this day to translate this work into marble, then this work will be able to enter the international arena of fine arts, to become the pearl of Russian marble sculpture.

1. Istra Town, Moscow region, Russia
2. Bad Orb (Germany), Spa Park or Kurpark
3. Moscow region, village Borzye, Centralnaya st., 65, Park and gallery of sculptor Kazantsev

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