Aquarium "Atlantis"

Aquarium "Atlantis"

Sergey Kazantsev
75х67х37 (75х70х40) cm
Marble, granitum

Aquarium "Atlantis" is made in a very characteristic style of Kazantsev of the late 80s - early 90s. The composition is like a whirlwind. Despite the static nature of the stone, the composition has dynamics. It seems that the figures of the mother and the child, while rotating, transform into each other. Between the figures there is a niche for water - an aquarium. Water is a symbol of life, nothing on earth can exist without water. She gives life to Atlantis, and takes her back in the end. The artistic image carries all the elements. Goldfish, like bright fiery drops, scurry about in the thickets of algae. The spectacle bewitches, prompts one to think, makes one wonder at the component simplicity of the essence of the universe.


1. Moscow workshop, Lavrushinsky per., 17/4, building 5, office 1
2. Moscow region, village Borzye, Centralnaya st., 65, Park and gallery of sculptor Kazantsev

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