“D.M. Karbyshev "and Alley of Heroes, Nakhabino Town

“D.M. Karbyshev "and Alley of Heroes, Nakhabino Town

Sergey Kazantsev
2003, 2004  
120х60х60 cm
Artificial stone


Sergey Kazantsev sacredly honors the feat of our ancestors, defenders of the Motherland!
Thirty portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union (2003) and a monument to the legendary general-scientist D.M. Karbyshev (2004) were presented by the sculptor to the museum of military glory on the territory of the military unit of the Nakhabino Town. The grand opening of the complex took place in May 2005. Over time, the monument to D.M. Karbysheva was transferred to the village park named after him. Being on public display, full of nobility and resilience, the image of the general inspires the residents and guests of the Town to turn to the Patriotic history, to refresh the memory of the outstanding Hero of Russia.
In addition, to the military unit in the Nakhabino, a sculptural bust of D.M. Karbyshev was donated to engineering units of Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Ussuriisk (Primorsky Territory), Murom (Vladimir Region), St. Petersburg, etc. The whereabouts of some were possible to find through an inquiry on the Internet.

1. Russia, Tyumen City, Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School named after Marshal of Engineering Troops AI Proshlyakov, st. L. Tolstoy, 1
2. Memorial - Monument to Karbyshev D.M. in the Nakhabino Town, Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region
3. Moscow region, village Borzye, Centralnaya st., 65, Park and gallery of sculptor Kazantsev
4. Rostov Veliky, territory of a military unit

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