Feedback from locals

Feedback from locals
Fountain of positive, kind words and colorful mood

Many thanks to the inhabitant of the village Chernaya near the station Dedovsk, a professional athlete, laureate of international competitions in pair power acrobat, master trainer of a sports club in the village Pavlovo to Evgeny Kuzmin. Eugene asked for a tour for his family! Local residents joined the tour. Eugene is a very positive, sociable person, so the excursion turned out to be very emotional and the participants left a huge number of reviews. Let's present some of them:

Valery Ilyin, pensioner: “On April 13, 2019, together with members of the travel lovers club "Wind of Wanderings" of the Pavlo-Slobodskaya Library, we visited the Russian sculptor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation S. S. Kazantsev. The sculptor's daughter Elena Kazantseva led an exciting tour of the park and the master's gallery. Afterward, everyone in the gallery was given tea and birch sap with delicious pies, where the master himself spoke about his works“.

Anton, a schoolboy: "Today my mother and I were visiting the famous sculptor Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev @sculptorkazantsev It was very interesting and informative, special thanks @biolenok I will definitely come again!"

Evgeny Kuzmin: “We've visited a wonderful exhibition of the famous sculptor Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev! The area of several hectares in the village of Borzye is a park area with installations of huge marble sculptures! Overall the atmosphere is fabulous! I recommend to everyone! For any questions go to @biolenok"

Yaroslav Konopatov: “On April 13, we visited the gallery of the Russian Sculptor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation and a real Caring person with a capital letter - Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev @sculptorkazantsev in the village of Borzye Pavlovskaya Sloboda. Elena Kazantseva, the daughter of the master @biolenok, gave us an interesting excursion with an interactive one. A very interesting atmosphere, an exposition of sculptures on a large territory, a master's workshop, and separate pavilions designed for specific works on which work is in full swing. Of course, in conclusion, a tea party with a master, life stories with irony, and creative humor. ps_ Thank you very much for a nice tour. Such an interesting place is very close :) thanks to Ekaterina Zolotareva for active participation in organizing the excursion trip. At one time it is impossible to tell about this place under the special protection of Nature! "

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