Feedback from guests

Feedback from guests
It is very pleasant when people inspired by life come to the park

Sergey Kazantsev Park is a place where you can not only touch the art, but also gently hug !!!

“For Easter, my wife, aunt, and daughter for a year and a half decided to get to the park of Sergey Sergeevich Kazantsev. The daughter was so imbued with the sculptures that she hugged each of them and even tried to reproduce some. A mini-farm with kids, geese, and ducks adds a homely feel to this place.

In general, we did not regret for a minute that we spent the day in the park of sculptures by Sergey Kazantsev. I wish you prosperity and strength for "raising" and developing the park. THANK YOU!!! For perseverance and loyalty to your work. To all my friends I will recommend your park as a place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle and touch the culture ... Nooo not touching, if you are careful, you can even hug it ", - Alexey, 35, IT specialist of a large state company, St. Moscow

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