Great video - great review

Great video - great review
The synthesis of art, sports and medicine gives a creative result

“My dream is for the park and gallery to become a center of attraction for talented people. It's nice that regardless of me, people whose heart resonates with my creativity, passing by, stop, enter the park, get to know each other, "- S. Kazantsev

Likewise, Roman Soloviev, a resident of Dedovsk - an athlete, a health technologist, is engaged in rehabilitation, maintains a fitness blog, accidentally came to visit, and decided to shoot a video with exercises against the background of sculptural works.

“Sergey and I met quite a by accident, I am a rehabilitation specialist, I am engaged in physical therapy. In the village where Sergey works, I have patients to whom I come. When I was driving, I saw sculptures from the road and decided that I would need to visit it. My wife is a cameraman, and we run a video blog, especially popular on Ins and FB. I thought, beautiful figures, maybe we'll can make a new video here. I got inside, the men were working. I came up and asked: “I heard that there is a museum of Sergey Kazantsev here,” it turned out that it was the sculptor himself. As a result, we met, talked, and created a shot a video, "- said Roman

We thank Roman for his interest and present a fragment of his video in the park. Full video on Roman's blog

Roman's instagram


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