Review of a good Friend

Review of a good friend

I sent a video to the good friend of the moment of the monument's molding, and received a response that gives inspiration to work further on the idea of creating a park of modern sculpture S. Kazantsev. Thanks to everyone who supports us!

[11:26, 28.6.2018]

Crazy pens :) Beautifully you have there - you go into the hall and directly feel how the essence of the office plankton leaves you and the essence of the creator and artist begins to grow. You take a brush, stand in a pose in front of an easel and a white cloth and start, inspired, create. After 3 hours of work, tired and happy, you admire your creation and you can not enjoy it

[11:32, 28.6.2018]

I have a share

[11:33, 28.6.2018]

After that, you take your masterpiece, insert it into the frame and take it there, into the city - into a laborious unrestrained turmoil. You hang your brainchild on the wall in the office or at home. And every time everyone asks what this means, - share your trip and experienced inspiration from visiting a magical place. All are delighted, you are applauded standing up. And recommend to organize an exhibition of such masterpieces created on an indescribable inspiration. And it does not matter that the drawing is so-so and does not carry a deep essence. The main thing is the party and the guests who will come to the exhibition. The end.